The third album of Cerrone, Supernature sold over eight million albums worldwide.

A departure from the lush orchestration with electronic instrumentation added to the mix, it was co-written by Alain Wisniak.

The lyrics to «Supernature«, written by Lene Lovich, have a sci-fi theme: it concerns the rebellion of mutant creatures—created by scientists to end starvationamong mankind—against the humans. The album also featured «Sweet Drums», a three-minute-and-ten-second drum breakdown. The original French album cover was again different, having a gatefold opening with nudes in the centre. The music itself was the same.

«Supernature» was used as the theme music to Thames TV‘s The Kenny Everett Video Show (as well as being danced to by Hot Gossip in the same show), which was shown across the United Kingdom.